Friday, February 6, 2009

Book of Days, a new series

I am Reading Exodus, Matthew, and Psalms/Proverbs, also looking over Plutarch's Lives, trying to come up with a reading schedule for next year.

I am Thinking about femininity. In many ways I am very feminine. But my girls are ever so much more so... they delight in a swirly dress, in pinks and purples, in graceful language and manners. I want to want to be modest, lovely, gentle, and eminently graceful... but I tend to be loud, opinionated, and clunky. I find that I'm conflicted about myself often... I am proud of my opinions, but not in my manner of sharing them. Often they manifest themselves in criticism and judgement which is awful. I want to think rightly, but love completely. I want to be attractive, but not in a seductive way. I want my manner to be likeable and winsome and loveable, but it is not often so. I find that today I am not pleased with myself.
Also, I'm thinking about milk cows and time management.

I am Working on a sweet lacy baby sweater in rasberry for baby Ava and reserving books for school.

I am Wearing jeans and a wool cardigan... but I wish I was wearing a wool skirt with warm cable tights.

I am Teaching table manners. This is a family vacation day, so no school!

I am Cooking roast chicken, green beans, and mashed potatos for dinner, plus some birthday cake!

I am Planning a three tiered birthday cake, spring gardening, and warm weather clothes for my girls.

Outside my Window it is sunny but cold... everything is asleep for the winter, dry, and brown. I see the bushes need to be trimmed down another 9 inches or so.

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