Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sneak Peek - Closet

And, here we are at the Master Bedroom's Walk in Closet... three walls of hanging storage, not to mention the shelving possibilities... there's even a window that opens so that I can get fresh air in there... I really am excited about the vanity... so is Hubs, actually... I wonder why? Could it be our constant battle over counter storage space in the bathroom?

So, I'm thinking this room needs some fancy schmancy light fixtures, like a chandelier or something (or wall sconces, as long as they have those little hanging crystals, that's a definite must have), and some-uber feminine wallpaper, and a little slipper boudoir chair, and a vase of flowers, and a personal ladies maid... How's that for brainstorming!?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tortured Soul, plus a Sneak Peek, Master Bath

Can you believe we still haven't gotten word about the house! I have been really patient, trying not to count my eggs before they're hatched. Well, that is over, my friends. I am counting eggs. I am completely emotionally invested in this house now. I want it bad. So, now that I've shared my idolatry with the world... here's a Sneak Peek of the Master Bath, and my pretty friend.

I know what you're thinking.... Oooooooh, toilet paper roll! No, wait. Big two person garden tub! Separate sinks! There's a tiled shower on your right with a rainfall showerhead. I'm not sure yet what to do for a window treatment in here... I want to see the view and get all the sun I can in the morning... but I don't want people to see me, if you know what I mean.... maybe roman shades? The light in this room is perfect for plants... ferns, orchids maybe. Up for daylight, down at night... If you turn around you'll see the awesome walk in closet... oh, no that's the next sneak peek!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Another couch Pic

The kids wanted to "snuddle" (snuggle) on the couch... and Baby says "I tode!" (cold) I love the button detail on the end of the arms... I think for comfort sake, it'll need a couple of throw cushions; what do you think of bolsters? Two, that could go horizontally across the back or laterally against the arms?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's That!?!!

Look at this beautiful picture from my new favorite Color Blog House of Turquoise. I adore this room and totally want to absorb this vibe for my own great room. I love the light walls, the light, casual curtains, the view outdoors, the turquoise.... I have been thinking of recovering my flowery $75 garage sale couch in orange and copying this room, sort of... but my friend Joy always says you should check Craigslist first... so I did. She should know, too, she's made slipcovers for her couches, they're these awesome red denim slipcovers that really look like she bought them straight from Pottery Barn... like her whole house, which is awesome... no A- WE- SOME! And lots of it came from Craigslist.

Today I asked my husband and another very nice man to shove this into my Suburban... it was a close fit, I almost had to leave the kids there. Also, it's a sleeper sofa, so it's, you know, HEAVY! But my man is studly and we wrestled this thing out of a lovely lady's house and into my own back room to await it's new home with the other lovely things we have no room for. It's not exactly luxury upholstery... I mean it's that fakey velvet that lasts forever and wipes clean with a damp cloth... kind of like Teflon. My orange Teflon couch is great and the best thing is... I won't feel mad at my beloved children when they rough house on it, because I didn't spend hours and hours making a slipcover... so with no further ado, the $75, retro mod, orange couch:

Sorry for the pic quality... I'll post a daylight pic tomorrow... but I just had to share!

Status Report

Hello, Dear Readers,

I know that you all hearing me say over and over again that my current status is "packing" is not all that interesting. So, I thought I'd give you photographic proof, and also let you in on a deal I snagged yesterday. I found these lovely, buttermilk colored pieces on Craigslist day before yesterday. I can't wait to see them in the Little Woman's room. They're short enough for a 4 year old to access, and they're small and divided to help a little person keep everything in its place. My 4 year old is a "cleany" by nature and I've been hampering that tendency by not making her storage spaces accessible for her, hence...

It's a great piece, and it's suitable for a sideboard or sofa table, as well, I think. It was advertised with a matching end table or bedside table, below, but the dear, sweet, gracious lady threw in this midcentury modern piece as well, which, I have to say, made my day! It just so happens that it matches another dresser we purchased in Colorado Springs years ago, and it will make a great set!


Status: Packing

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How very Blessed

So, I got on to blog about a couch I found on Craigslist last night and I see the news about another quake in Haiti. I'm horribly shocked at what is going on in Haiti... I imagine people there are feeling like the world is coming to an end. I feel silly even thinking of writing a post on decor. I mean, really, who cares in the long run, if my purse pops against my grey skirt, or if I get a great couch cheap or not, or if my living room is color coordinated or not, when people are living under a sheet with their extended family of 7. I, like many of you, are seeking out ways to help, and I'm sure you've found ways to donate money or time or clothing by now and I hope you're doing it. I hope for all our sakes that we, as people, aren't totally self centered and we look up and out to affect the world positively. Sometimes I wonder how much my little bit can really help, then I think about the fact that the little I give isn't necessarily a big deal for the people of Haiti by itself, but it's important to my own humanity to give SOMETHING, to just CARE. So, I'll leave the couch post for another day, and go be thankful for the two damaged, kid worn couches I do have. At least I don't have to live in a sheet.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sneek Peak - Master Bedroom

OK, this is not the best pic, ever... I admit it. Still, you can see the big windows, the floors, the light, the double door entry, and my Hubs. Eat your heart out ladies!
He thinks he wants to install a fan... I asked him to wait till summer to see if I want a fan, because, I've always wanted a big curtained bed with a chandelier... These things are made impossible by a large ceiling fan.

I have also been looking at design blogs, and I found... the Mother Lode of inspiration for myself. It's called House of Turquoise... and wow, I mean, wow, this chic gets me... well, at least my obsession with color. Here are her posts on turquoise and orange, lots of which I would love to have in my own home. And here's a big, curtained bed that's really waaay more modern than I would go, but still, it's magnificent. Oh, wait, this is the one I want!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sneak Peek - Family Room

Look, more distressed hickory, just yards and yards of it! Yay! And I love the ceiling fans, too. I love the extra tall windows, but I know I'll have to open those windows on the top not the bottom, or you know SOMEONE would fall right out and down 15 feet to the ground outside! I love the trim on the fireplace, too. Stephanie, any ideas on a floor plan? Any free advice?! I think it's this room that will be the main quiet activity place... movies, school, read alouds, the library will be mostly in here, and family worship will probably take place here, too, so it should seat eight at a minimum comfortably.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Little Scholars

Christmas Skirt

I did some major sewing before the holidays and just haven't had time to photograph all of the garments. Here is another skirt I made for me from fine wale corduroy... I made another one, too exactly the same except for the fabric, perhaps I'll have Hubs take a picture the next time I wear it! I wish I could photograph myself, somehow!

In sewing fitted garments, I've taken to cutting and basting the lining before I cut the main fabric to sort of make a muslin to see if the garment fits... I've noticed that most of the things I made according to my measurements are much too big... or perhaps I like things with less ease than they designed them for.... who knows, but anyway, this helps me get the fit I like without wasting fabric or taking too much time. For those of you who sew... if I tend to fit a smaller size in one pattern manufacturer, will I wear that size for all manufacturers? I don't think you can see it in the pic, but there is a little touch of turquoise in the leaves that makes me happy when I look at my skirt! Look, that's the Little Engineer's phonics book, too.

Isn't it funny how when we make clothes for ourselves, the details really make so much difference! I love to put in a pretty, contrasting lining to just give me a little lift of color that brightens my day! On the grey wool skirt I made, I put in a sky blue lining and it makes me soooo happy!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Knitting Post, so if you're not a fiber or color addict, you may want to catch the next post!

Well, knitting is continuing, though I've packed up the sewing equipment, and even most of the yarn... though I did keep out some projects to keep me busy between packing, cooking, laundry, and school. I have been garden planning, too, but I really can't do much till we're in the new house, except do a little mail ordering. Party month is coming... February is coming and there will be gifts to order and wrap and days of fun to declare. My head is full of thankfulness for God's Grace and provision and blessings, none of which I deserve, and all of which seem completely unearned, or even the opposite of what I should have. Also swimming around in my head is decorating ideas for our new home. That's my favorite part of moving: the anticipation of nesting. I keep having to remind myself that we need to just get the basics unpacked and then get the garden planted and a fence built to house Fang the beef steer more permanently than our back yard fence.

So, as this is a knitting post, on to the works in progress:

Another cushion cover, in a honeycomb pattern, with colorwork. Leftover Knit Picks Shine Sport from my babydoll tunic. This will be a rather large throw cushion, to coordinate with the Williamsburg cushion and the green cushion already made.

Beautiful, beautiful variegated Socks that Rock in the Crabby Mc Happypants colorway... a pair of lace stockings, or at least knee socks! Usually, I do not like lace in variegated yarn... but, I want a pair of lace socks, long ones, so.... there you go!

A stole... Eunny Jang's Print o' the Wave, practically free Knit Picks kettle dyed Shadow in Pacific colorway (a shade of turquoise green or blue that I'm quite fond of). I'm rather excited about this project, as it's my first real lace weight pattern to work, and it's working up very quickly. It's a simple, short pattern repeat, with all purl rows on the wrong side, so it's a good first lace shawl pattern, I think.... not to mention a good gift idea, for someone who might love beautiful, delicate handwork.

And finally, a cardigan to go with one of my winter skirts. I have a very pretty tan wool skirt, bias cut, A-line... with orange and chocolate and cream, and I've been looking for years for a suitable cardigan for it... I'm attempting to make one, finally. Mother Daughter Knits Grey Cardigan is the pattern. Lion Brand Fisherman's wool in brown... smells very nicely of lanolin.

Amissville VA

My oldest son plays baseball. So does my husband and my father in law, and so does my two year old. My oldest is right handed, but he learned to bat left when he was two. It is sort of a family priority. The Babe Ruth League in Amissville VA has a sign at their baseball complex... it says,

"Amissville, VA. Where the sun rises and sets on baseball."

When I told my Beloved and Friend, he said... "I want to live there."

So, I got on it.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sneak Peek - Dining Room

Oh, be still my heart, I love this room soooo much... I do believe this is the first house we saw that I didn't automatically think... "we'll have to change the light fixtures!" I really like these... can you see the chandelier swathed in netting for summer? This room is big enough for our table, a good thing, and wide enough for the buffet and I love it.

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Skirt

I've caved... I used to think I hated grey on me... that it didn't match my colors... but I've found that I've changed my mind. I love grey now. I love it as a contrast to my colors, and it really does set a good red orange off perfectly... anyway... I found a beautiful warm medium weight wool at JoAnne's and bought it with a coupon to make Butterick 5249, et voila!

It was, by far, the most complicated skirt pattern I've ever attempted. I'm a little nervous about making fitted, zip-up skirts because of my apple body shape issues, but this turned out fine, I think! See how nice it looks with my orange purse! Hmmm... not exactly a fashion model, but...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Child's Apron

Did you all know that Little Women love frilly aprons? Mine definitely do. My girls love to throw on a pretty apron with as many ruffles as possible and "play house" while cleaning the real kitchen or making their real beds. I guess it's like a uniform, but fun to wear! This little gem was a gift to a dear friend of Mini Me's. She's a sweet little blue eyed, pink cheeked cherub who likes to help in the kitchen, too, so I thought this was appropriate!
Isn't this just the sweetest little helper outfit you ever saw! Well, now my girls want them, too, and I've just closed shop in the sewing room in preparation for the move, but maybe for next Christmas? A little detail shot:

Here's a lovely post from Your Sacred Calling on little helpers.