Tuesday, March 31, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Look at this pretty little vignette...

My stove, though not pretty in and of itself, especially since it always needs cleaning, still manages to catch my eye occasionally when I'm cooking.

But look what's on the stove...

A beeeeeeutiful enameled cast iron pot in my favorite blue! I got it half off. Yay for me! I got two actually, so really two for the price of one! Except they're different sizes, though both adequately commodious for cooking for my big family.

Now, look what's in the pot...

Mmmmmmm... Irish boiled dinner. Corned beef and cabbage and potatoes and carrots. Yum!

I had a little conversation with my sister recently about how noticing the beautiful in the mundane is part of being really happy. I'm convinced it's one of the keys to contentment in whatever circumstance you find yourself in. I think that the pursuit of happiness and contentment in my daily life has inspired me to make all the things I have to use a pleasure

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