Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More Sewing

Fair warning: There may be a lot of sewing projects to come, as I'm a little fabric crazy lately, and I want new summer clothes. I've had some $3 a yard taffeta for a long time that I'd planned to make spring dresses out of for years. I decided to go ahead and cut a skirt for myself. I'd made the pattern before out of a toile cotton print, which I like a lot, but the pattern definitely lends itself to a heavier, dressier fabric. Plus the extra fabric at the back and A shape is flattering on an apple like me. I shortened it by quite a lot, though I had planned to use the fabric to make the floor length version originally. In an ideal world, I'd have a place to wear a floor length, silky, ruffly skirt... but this is not an ideal world, boo! Anyway, the leftover fabric can make some sweet skirts or dresses for my girls, perhaps.

Just as I was typing that last word (isn't it funny how these things happen!), I heard a delivery truck drive up and plop a box onto my front stoop! So, of course I had to unpack the box from and show you what I bought... it was a big sale, I got most of it at least half off! The top two weren't in the box, they're leftover curtain fabric from the living room, and a printed organza(?) I'm making into a kimono blouse, but you get the idea!
Hmmmm... the colors seem to have a sort of theme on this blog, don't they! Should I start labeling posts "orange"? Go ahead and drool, I haven't washed them yet!


  1. Mrs. Duvall,
    I haven't talked to any of you guys in a while! How are you doing?
    It is so fun to be able to see your family grow!

    Chrissy Bloom

    P.S. What kind of camera do you have?

  2. Hi, Chrissy! I see you're becoming quite a good photographer! I have a Lumix with a Leica lens (Panasonic DMC-TZ5) and I love it. It's a great blog camera and family photo camera... small, good at taking colorful, clear pictures, and the colors are true to life, which is really important to me!