Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Knitting

I've been knitting my fingers to little nubs this month... in late October, everyone asked for mittens for Christmas, hand knit mittens. Actually, my husband requested his in November. No pressure. Anyway, I have managed to knit all but one pair of mittens and a pretty hat for my youngest girl. And most of a sweater for the Dauphin. I don't really mind! You know I love it!

Bird in Hand stranded mittens in KnitPicks Palette and some leftover XXL Trekking, size 2 DPNs
Chevalier Mitts, Patons Classic Wool, Size 6 DPN's

Classic Mittens, Stash superwash Leftovers, size 5 DPN's, above, and Cascade Superwash in Scarlet and Size 5 DPN's below:

Elephant Tam, child Size by Kathleen Taylor, size 5 circular, stash leftovers, turned out beautifully.


  1. Okay, I must know...who is the Dauphin?? You've piqued my curiosity because that is Gussy's nickname, due to his *ahem* interesting haircut. :)

    BEAUTIFUL never cease to amaze me! I love those bird mittens especially!

  2. Ooohh, I love all the knitted goodnes! I have never attempted mittens but hope to try some soon!

  3. Those are amazing! I really like the cabled pair.

  4. Amanda, the Dauphin is my oldest son, the heir to the throne, so to speak! Thanks Kathryn and Kara!

  5. Melissa, I want you to know that seeing this post inspired me to give fair isle another whirl, and I DID IT. I made this:

  6. Your talent amazes me! Those are so beautiful and practical at the same time.