Saturday, April 12, 2008

Apron Trend?

Um, I may have discovered a new "thing" I enjoy. I've always enjoyed aprons. I really like vintage fabrics... and occasionally I actually ask for aprons when people ask what I'd like for a gift. Women used to wear aprons all the time. They cooked, did laundry, cleaned, and took care of children all day long. These are all very messy, dirty jobs. Women often don't really do these things all day anymore, so aprons are considered necessary, but not fun. I do this stuff all day, every day. My wardrobe will attest to it, too. I have dozens of t-shirts that have little grease spots, or food stains, or minuscule tears from their rough use. I need more aprons. I have decided! Today, in my time wasting portion of the day, when I surf the Internet for pretty things and stuff I like to do and which chickens I want to order, I found this cute little post on Oodles and oodles. I need to make one of those! I do have a clothespin apron, but I usually have little helpers and could use another to share. I can use the leftover bias tape from my Evangeline apron and my yards and yards of muslin and figure one out that's Melissa sized. Because, you know, I don't have enough to do!

Speaking of chickens. I'm ordering some, as soon as we get a PO Box in Upperville. I've decided to order Ameracaunas (well technically, I suppose, they'd be Easter Egg Chickens) and Cuckoo Marans, I think. But you know, I know very little about chickens. I've done a little research and found out that Americaunas have blue green tinted eggs... FUN! Cuckoo Marens have chocolate colored eggs, (rurality)as well as being really pretty birds, and being rare, gentle, and supposedly being a good dual purpose breed of chickens, meaning good for meat and eggs. I also heard that the hens can be broody, which means they will sit on their eggs and hatch a clutch, which has been either bred out of chickens or just not learned as so many eggs are hatched in incubators now.


  1. I am almost as excited about your chickens as you are! You might enjoy this blog by a woman who has a small sheep farm in Missouri:
    She has chickens too and donkeys. I live vicariously there.

  2. Hi, Melissa - I'm so glad I found your blog! Good luck with the clothespin apron - I haven't embroidered mine yet, but sewing one is very easy. I'm looking forward to reading about all of the projects that lie ahead for you. You have a really nice writing style! Best wishes! Barbara at oodles and oodles

  3. Thanks, JuliaR and On Benson Road... I'm glad you're enjoying it so far... I sure am! I think the next project is some roman shades for the master bedroom. I've never done that before! Wish me luck!

  4. Good luck! I love roman shades. I used to sew them for other people. The pittance I made on that put me through the Bar Admission course back in 1985. I only ever made myself one shade but I am thinking of making another for my sewing room, after I renovate the entire upstairs. The renovation includes a window seat in the sewing room so I thought a roman shade would be nice there, because it pulls up as opposed to going off to the side.