Monday, April 7, 2008

My tea bags

Here's how I made mine:

I gathered my materials: pattern, fabric leftover from Evangeline apron, some fusible interfacing, thread, awl, and rotary cutter, some white cotton yarn, and some cotton crochet thread. I cut six tea bags according to the pattern, and one that was 4 by 7 for sun tea, plus a bigger bag to hold it all in. I also cut a little label to applique. I fused the label and contrasting fabric to a bit of interfacing, and then cut to fit. I wrote on it with a Sharpie fine tip marker, I hope that'll wash OK!

I used a satin stitch on my machine to attach it to the front of the bag and used the same construction techniques as detailed in the pattern.

I think this fabric is so very pretty. It took me no time at all to finish this, waaaaay less than an hour, I finished it in between feeding the baby, sorting stored items in anticipation of the move, the measuring trip to the farm. Now I just need to get some loose tea!


  1. Great idea! What a wonderful way to cut down on waste. Where did you get your pattern from?

  2. That fabric is so cute! Is it loose muslin like the pattern calls for, or did it work fine for you using a quilting cotton?

  3. Hi ashley anne and katie! I have a link to the pattern in the previous post. As for if they work or not, I'm not sure yet! I've been packing up the house and getting the farmhouse ready to move in to, so I've not had time to have a cup of tea. I've not gotten any loose tea, either, but I'll let you know if it works when I try!