Saturday, October 25, 2008

Some of my Blog Inspiration

Another picture from the farm: this is in the wooded portion that has roads so muddy/rocky they are nigh impassable for much of the year. I had a hard time walking and still looking at the scenery without tripping on large rocks in the road, however.

Have you all seen these wonderful blogs? I read lots of them, but I'll confine my passing on of blogs to the scope of my own... Here are three that you may find interesting:

Yarnstorm This blog is really pretty and it deals with all things domestic, which is, of course, my own passion.

The Purl Bee An offshoot of Purl Soho, this is my all time favorite project blog... stitching of all different sorts is explored here with beautiful photos and fresh sensibility.

Confessions of a Counterfeit Farmgirl While this is almost the antithesis of my own blog, it's in a practically identical setting and the author is funny, pretty, and charming, not to mention a really nice lady. She just published her first book... it'll make you laugh, I guarantee.

Finally, a web site with lots of sustainable agriculture information: Journey to Forever

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