Monday, May 4, 2009

Maryland Sheep and Wool

OK, so I'm checking in... the farm is getting soaked right now... it's chilly and wet, but I've got some tomatoes in thanks to the Studly Man in my life.

I can't believe it happened, but I forgot to bring my camera to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this past Saturday! ACK! I know!

It was amazing, there was yarn and fiber everywhere, spinning wheels, looms, vintage sock machines, demonstrations, sheep and goats, WONDERFUL!

I did buy yarn, of course! Actually I waited in line for like 45 minutes for some Socks that Rock at The Fold booth. I met some really nice ladies who shared their giant umbrella with me and chatted about yarn (Thanks, Melissa and Mary!).

I bought some locally spun and naturally hand dyed wool worsted yarn... and some locally spun flax, cotton, and rayon fingering weight yarn ($6.50 a pound!).

I went with my friend Lyn from Hunt Country Yarns in The Plains and had fun "checking in" with their booth. I talked to the Ravelry Crew and saw Ysolda Teague (I just admired her while pretending to look at wool behind her) and I had a nice little chat with Claudia of Claudia Hand Painted Yarns (Check out the Linen yarn Desert Dusk colorway... I'll be buying some at Knitting Sisters in Williamsburg when we go at the end of this month). I was like oh, 40 feet away from her and saw this woman sitting on a bench next to one of the barns in this WONDERFUL tiered ruffled skirt knitted in gorgeous hand dyed yarns in these beautiful warm colors. I had to know where to get that pattern and what those yarns were, so, of course, because I'm me, I walked over and politely butted into a conversation and asked her.

Me: "Excuse me for interrupting, but I saw that skirt from waaaay over there and I think it is absolutely gorgeous. Where did you get that pattern? And those yarns, oh my, look at those beautiful warm colors!"
Claudia: "Well, this is a Louet Sales pattern, but actually, I'm Claudia of Claudia Hand Painted Yarns and these are my yarns."
Me: "Wow, these are gorgeous! You're like a walking advertisement! Who sells these?"

Claudia: "I don't think anyone here is selling them...."
I got her card, because it was a work of art. I want one for me. Bad. I can't believe I forgot my camera!

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