Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sweet June

Wow! Did you notice I have nine followers!? Yee Haw! Hi, ya'll!

Virginia in June is just a Paradise. Night before last, we drove home from ballet class with the windows open to take in the gorgeous scent of the season. The honeysuckle is growing on fencelines all the way home, plus there are catauba trees, which have these huge fragrant orchid-like flowers. It was one of those fragrant, pre-thunderstorm evenings, heavy with scent and balmy. When the thunderstorm came, it was all out pre-thunderstorm preparations, because chances are the power will go out...

These entail the following:

Get out candles and matches
Make sure all the flashlights have batteries that work
Clean up pathways to the bathrooms
Unplug all the electronics
Go to bed early and snuggle the baby. It's fun!

It's been such a moist, beautiful spring, and it's just about time for tiger lily season, which I am soooo stoked for. It's got to be my favorite flower. My great grandparents used to have this big farm in Upstate New York (Chamberlain's Mill) and they had a giant lily bed that made a big impression on my developing taste, I think, right along the road opposite Mr. Chamberlain's house... he was really old when I used to visit him, but he told me this funny story about the apple orchard and geese... I'll tell ya another time!

The peas are producing prodigiously (snow and sugar snap), the cabbages are actually forming heads, which is a first for me, and the tomatos are fruiting already. The potatoes are blooming, the hydrangea has three beautiful blue balls on it, and the roses have buds forming... and I've probably got 30 volunteer chamomile plants that are starting to flower. Yay!

I finished the ballet bodices except for the hook and eye tape, I'll be sewing at rehearsals for Sleeping Beauty on Saturday and then I'm off... purple satin makes me want to commit sepuku after the 13 costumes I've made for two ballets. I've decreed that if the girls choose purple for their weddings, I'll not do the sewing! I've said my peace and counted to three!

No pics today, sorry... more later on fiber...


  1. I've been following you for some time now and I enjoy your blog! Now you have 10 followers.

  2. Great post! I love when Virginia blooms. Hydrangeas are my favorite...unfortunately they're the deer's favorite, too, so they don't last long in my woodsy yard.

    We do the "pre-electrical-outage" ritual here, too - it's kind of exciting! Of course, when the power does go out and we're not ready for it, we all turn into morons. "It's okay if we can't use the electric stove, we'll just use the microwave - oh, wait..."

  3. Hi, Deb! I'm just astonished anyone is interested! Welcome!

    Amanda, I imagine you're power may go out more than mine, as you're on the mountain, and all!