Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So, I've assembled what I have in the Living Room, and arranged the furniture, but I'm sort of stumped when it comes to curtains.  Any suggestions?  I have the orange fabric that was in the old living room... not enough for drapes, but I could make valances or pieced drapes combining the orange with another fabric... I prefer drapes to valances, but beggars can't be choosers.  I also ordered some fabric swatches from Fashion Fabrics Club:

I also am brainstorming on a visual barrier to place behind the orange couch and beside my desk area... I only have about 8-10 inches depth there... So, a skinny console table? short, wide bookshelf? a constructed planter?  or a screen of some sort?

and what to use for the visual barrier?  An aquarium? Lamps? Plants? Hanging bird cages?  I am completely open to interesting ideas for this challenge!  Help!


  1. I love the hanging bird cages idea, and plants would be fun, too. Or plants in bird cages.

  2. he paisley is my favorite of the swatches pictured above! I see what you mean about valances. I visualize them hung high up, and widening the two windows.
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  3. Hi! I love the first print with the orange in it. I think cornice boards (covered with material of course) would be great with one panel on each side that would not cover the window but just be an accent - or no cornice and the panels or one panel that is swagged from one side to the other. I think pillows for the couches and chair would be great in same and coordinating fabrics. The fireplace and bookcases bother me in that they are really different colors! Can you stain the fireplace dark or paint the bookcases white? I think a large wooden tray on top of your ottoman would be great with books on it, etc. I love your house! There are beautiful rods now that are very narrow and hold just one panel - have you seen them? Oops forgot - a throw in a good color would be beautiful over the couch, chair or ottoman. Love, PAM

  4. All the fabrics are fabulous. You might want a sofa table behind the couch. You could probably find one at a second hand furniture shop. I like the idea of hanging something from the ceiling, maybe two pendant lamps?

  5. I like to get Ikea drapes, the ones that are cotton but look like linen (not the ones with tab tops) and line them and add trim or a panel of fabric on the top or bottom. Their off-white curtains just so happen to be the same color as my walls, which is what I love.

    I have a similar behind-the-sofa situation. In the past I've had there a trunk with a basket of toys on top, a really slim gate-leg table that opened for extra dining room for kids, and right now, a narrow desk. It has held big tree branches, decorated for the season, the kids' nature collection, and right now, my collection of globes.

    'Can't wait to see what you figure out!