Friday, December 10, 2010

Purpley Stripes and a Green Mitten

I've been kind of a machine lately, just turning out project after project for Christmas... having my new sewing table right in the center of all the commotion helps motivate me to get projects done.  Also, it motivates me to clean up after myself before the guests get here!  I have so many projects to post, I've got to divide and conquer!  I'm rather proud of these socks, they're pretty and the pattern is perfect for a stripe, while the continuous ripping down the back keeps the sock nice and elastic... This is a Drops pattern, meant for Delight yarn, which I've never seen in real life, and I can't remember what the yarn is, I bought a bunch on sale at JoAnne's and Michael's this past year, and, of course, have lost all the labels!

The toe is a flat toe, decreased quickly at the end and then pulled tight instead of grafted... the left leaning decreases are worked knit 2 through the back loops, which is super fast and functional, if not quite as pretty as slip one, knit one, psso. 

I especially like the ribbed heel and the gussets look so nice in this yarn!

Here is a mitten I'm knitting, but am running out of yarn fast... is is kosher to knit the color in reverse for the second mitten?  Oh, well, I guess I don't really have a choice... but this ArtYarns Supermerino was soft, soft, soft, springy, and splitty, too, not to mention that it was damaged in a few places, boo!  still, it's knitting up nicely, and I think it'll block out beautifully.


  1. I am super jealous! you are so talented! Purple is one of my favorite colors so of course I love those socks but the mittens are adorable as well. I really need to take a class, I would love to knit scarves for my loved ones..

  2. Great curtains! Love the knitting and the canvas container too!