Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sneek Peak - Master Bedroom

OK, this is not the best pic, ever... I admit it. Still, you can see the big windows, the floors, the light, the double door entry, and my Hubs. Eat your heart out ladies!
He thinks he wants to install a fan... I asked him to wait till summer to see if I want a fan, because, I've always wanted a big curtained bed with a chandelier... These things are made impossible by a large ceiling fan.

I have also been looking at design blogs, and I found... the Mother Lode of inspiration for myself. It's called House of Turquoise... and wow, I mean, wow, this chic gets me... well, at least my obsession with color. Here are her posts on turquoise and orange, lots of which I would love to have in my own home. And here's a big, curtained bed that's really waaay more modern than I would go, but still, it's magnificent. Oh, wait, this is the one I want!


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