Thursday, January 21, 2010

Status Report

Hello, Dear Readers,

I know that you all hearing me say over and over again that my current status is "packing" is not all that interesting. So, I thought I'd give you photographic proof, and also let you in on a deal I snagged yesterday. I found these lovely, buttermilk colored pieces on Craigslist day before yesterday. I can't wait to see them in the Little Woman's room. They're short enough for a 4 year old to access, and they're small and divided to help a little person keep everything in its place. My 4 year old is a "cleany" by nature and I've been hampering that tendency by not making her storage spaces accessible for her, hence...

It's a great piece, and it's suitable for a sideboard or sofa table, as well, I think. It was advertised with a matching end table or bedside table, below, but the dear, sweet, gracious lady threw in this midcentury modern piece as well, which, I have to say, made my day! It just so happens that it matches another dresser we purchased in Colorado Springs years ago, and it will make a great set!


Status: Packing

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