Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tortured Soul, plus a Sneak Peek, Master Bath

Can you believe we still haven't gotten word about the house! I have been really patient, trying not to count my eggs before they're hatched. Well, that is over, my friends. I am counting eggs. I am completely emotionally invested in this house now. I want it bad. So, now that I've shared my idolatry with the world... here's a Sneak Peek of the Master Bath, and my pretty friend.

I know what you're thinking.... Oooooooh, toilet paper roll! No, wait. Big two person garden tub! Separate sinks! There's a tiled shower on your right with a rainfall showerhead. I'm not sure yet what to do for a window treatment in here... I want to see the view and get all the sun I can in the morning... but I don't want people to see me, if you know what I mean.... maybe roman shades? The light in this room is perfect for plants... ferns, orchids maybe. Up for daylight, down at night... If you turn around you'll see the awesome walk in closet... oh, no that's the next sneak peek!



  1. It would be impossible to stay detached from this house, it is gorgeous! I truly hope it all works out!

  2. I'm just now getting on here for the first time in a long time. Great to see the house. It's definitely in my prayers for you guys if that's what the Lord is thinking. For privacy how about the honeycomb shades that you can push up from bottom or lower from top. We like ours and you can't see anyone with the lower 1/2 covered with the shade but it lets lots of light in.