Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sneak Peek - Front Room

I'm very excited about the move, now that we have a place to move to!  Packing is in earnest and the POD is being stuffed as full as it can get.  We're signing the lease this week and going to measure the rooms precisely, and I'll plan furniture layouts in the evenings after the chillens are in bed, resting from their long days of forced labor carrying boxes and washing walls!  So, I thought I'd do the last two sneak peeks this week... and here is the first, the Front Room...

We had thought to put the TV in the Family Room, or Great Room, or whatever we're gonna call it... but I've decided to put it in here, out of the way of daily activities.  This room will have a couch, love seat, armchair, and piano, as well as the tv and video equipment and surround sound speakers.  Teal and gold and bronze will be the color scheme for now,  because that's what I've got!  Again, those floors are just so amazing, and those window sills are just perfect for house plants... this room faces west, so it'll need some good drapes.  Also, a round coffee table seems appropriate.

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  1. Lovely! Protect those sills. Is this facing west?