Monday, March 8, 2010

Sneak Peek - Kid's Rooms

I'm getting super excited about the move!  I can't wait live in my dream house!  Well, this is the last sneak peek, as these all look alike and I'm going to include them all in one post.  The bedrooms in this house are not over large, with the basement bedroom being the exception, but all have at least one large closet and large windows.  These, I think, are the most essential features in a functional bedroom, don't you!  We're still unsure how we're going to allot the bedrooms to the kids, we may have to experiment a little bit!

Basement bedroom: two large closets, two large windows, 9 foot ceilings and quite large!

Back bedroom: two large closets, one very large window, faces north, kind of dark, but cozy with the angled ceiling... 

West Bedroom: tons of light in the evening, one large closet and windows, as you see.

East Bedroom: looks out over the back yard, one large closet, and windows as you see.

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