Sunday, March 14, 2010


Well, we have a closing date, finally, which gives my life some focus finally!  May 3rd we have a scheduled closing and we move in two weeks... woo hoo!  My FIL mentioned to my husband that he'd like some exterior pics of the house so I got right on it.  We went to the house yesterday and measured rooms so I could plan furniture layouts, and walked the property, and I took some shots of the house and grounds!

Yellow, I love yellow houses!  I'm already seeing the garden!

The "front four" and the long, long driveway, which I have plans to flank with flowering trees, probably fruit trees and arbor day foundation freebies.  Picture: chicken tractors, fiber animals, a milk cow and her calf, and maybe even pigs!

Daddy and five little people.  OK, one is getting awfully big to be called little.  The woods are beyond the road which is the boundary of our property.   

This property is just ideal.  There are neighbors, which is good, but the property really seems private and secluded in many ways, and oh, so beautiful! There is a creek, which in the photo is swollen due to lots of rain, and a fishing hole just a bit down the road.  I can envision puddle playing and a willow tree and paper boat races.  We even met some neighbors, which was just ideal!  Sometimes it's hard to meet your neighbors in the country, OK, sometimes it's hard to get to know your neighbors anywhere nowadays!

I want to pause here to say that I do not deserve this wonderful blessing!  I am so thankful for grace, so needy of mercy, and so very, very undeserving of this!  I have to get a little overt here!  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  OK, that says it all I think!  (Have you noticed how many exclamation marks I use?  That's just how I speak... I exclaim!)


  1. Pure gorgeousness! I love it, love it, love it! I use lots of exclamation marks too and Chris always asks me why I'm yelling it. I'm not yelling it, I'm excited!!!!!

  2. Ooooooooh, Aaaaaah! It's positively idyllic!

  3. It's beautiful Melissa!! Congratulations! So excited for you guys, I know you're in the middle of packing and all that craziness, but thank you for your sweet email :) We are excited!

  4. heck yeah!! looks terriFIC sis!
    btw, i love yellow houses too.. i wonder if it's from the yellow house days of upstate new york??! can't wait to come visit and see all your creative touches to your new spaces!xoxoxx