Monday, February 1, 2010

National Gallery of Art

Most modern art I dislike... OK, well, postmodern art. But I love to look at Mark Rothko's later canvases. Let me clarify, I love the Color as Field pictures before the darkness sets into Rothko's work, cause that dark stuff makes me super sad. I can't wait for the Mark Rothko Exhibit that opens at the National Gallery of Art in May. We visited last Tuesday for a first hand look at Jackson Pollock's No. 1 Lavender Mist, as we've been studying some modern artists in school... Color speaks to me, and large canvases that are non representational are often very emotionally evocative to me... Still, Jackson Pollock is hard for me to understand... even in person, which is quite a bit better than a little pic in an Art book (or online).

I took a couple pictures of the kids in this neat, cosmic, walkway art installation that I'll share...

I had a great time, but I have to say, sometimes it really blows to have kids five and under on a museum trip... It's one of those times we all came home, brushed our teeth and went to bed, bedtime or no!


  1. I never knew I liked Rothko until I saw an exhibition of his stuff at the Guggenheim in NYC back in the 70s. There was one in particular that I would have to describe as "luminous" - it was pale orange with yellow bits. Really beautiful. Sometimes it helps to see things in person. Like Monet's "Waterlilies" which I saw at L'Orangerie which finally reopened after years of renovations. THAT is worth just sitting and absorbing.

  2. I think it definitely helps to see things in person. The paintings under gallery lighting or natural light really have depth and clarity that is absent in a print... I saw Waterlilies in the Kansas City Art Museum, it was a traveling exhibition... really breathtaking. Rothko painted to evoke an emotional response, and I think he succeeded.