Monday, February 8, 2010

Wee Little Mama

This girl is a born Mama... the first thing she did after learning to crawl was to go get a baby doll and haul it around, everywhere, without fail.  She loves her little kitchen, which she got for her fourth birthday this year, along with this oh, so, cute ruffly pink dress.  The apron is one of two that she wears when working in her efficient little kitchen.  I think she's just so stinkin cute with her little white socks and Mary Jane's and do it yourself four year old hairdo.  So cute, so very, very cute.


  1. Realy cute indeed but why did you say her socks are stinkin?

    Anyway, visit me at

  2. Her hair is adorable, she's a talented girl! And yes, oh, so CUTE! XXXXXOOOOO

  3. I just LOVE her little kitchen! She must be learning very well.
    Sweet enough!