Monday, February 1, 2010

The Skirt, Episode Three

We're coming to the end of a Star Wars movie marathon here at Contentment.... to explain the title. I told you that I made another skirt and I wore it last week, and the sun came out, but the Hubs wasn't home to help take pics, sooooo.... I just took them myself. Sorry. Anyway, here's the skirt... OK, I know it's kind of juvenile, but I'm not really that grown up yet. I love it. I know you all will put up with my crazy fashion whims because you love me!

Plus it goes with my cool turquoise suede penny loafers.

Do you think I should put a penny in them? Let's see, when I used to wear them, the rule was a dimes go in black pairs and pennies in brown ones... so what do I put in a turquoise pair? Buttons?

Yeah, I know wearing brown tights with colored shoes is a bold fashion move... but, I was cold! I've been thinking of buying some white or natural colored wool tights and dyeing them to go with my outfits, but that idea may go the way of so many others I've had....


  1. I love the skirt and the shoes...I don't see any problems in making bold fashion statements! You can pull it off!!!