Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sneak Peek - Basement

Ok, all, I've teased you and teased you with these sneak peeks, I know.  There are only a few left, as I WAS hoping to have approval from the owner's lender by now, but we're still waiting... still....  ..... ................

However, I did think you all deserved a pic of the basement and it's uber high ceilings (in a BASEMENT) and beautiful ceiling fans and french doors out to the fenced back yard.  This, my friends, will be a playroom.  A noisy, raucous, roll around on the floor, do jumping jacks kind of place for us to rough house.  It's a nice big space with the fifth bedroom and a full bath attached.  Also, there is a large storage room that only requires one wall to be finished to be a perfect cold storage room.  Or a perfect storage room, anyway, without the wall.  One of the computers will be down here for school and computer games, but not connected to the internet.  Maybe a small TV, too, mounted up high, for workout videos and kid movies.  I suppose, eventually, this could be converted into a little suite for parents or something. Or a party room, complete with mirror ball, dance floor, and wet bar.  Maybe a tiki bar look.... to go with a pool in the back yard.... or a hot tub.  Hmmmmmmm....... It must be very cool in the summer as it faces north and has all those ceiling fans.   

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