Friday, February 12, 2010

Opening Ceremonies

I have successfully tied up some loose ends here at Contentment... I finished my brown cardigan in time for my trip to Texas next week... I even got some pics today, which I, of course, will share... We've started our luge track here at the house.  OK, it's a sled track, but we're calling it the luge track.  We've worn ourselves out packing snow.  I mean, we all came in and collapsed and I still think my rear end is a bit frozen.  Still, it's fun, and the sun is out and the day is beautiful and our road is finally not closed!  Of course it's supposed to snow again Monday.  We better get it finished and start sliding!

Also, did you know that 11 women in Olympia, Greece who represent 11 vestal virgins light the torch with a parabolic mirror before the Olympics?  Cool, huh?  Can one make a parabolic mirror at home?

Well, instead of that, we lighted our own Olympic Torch with the sun... we tried and tried to light it directly, but had to resort to lighting a match with the sun and a magnifying glass!!!  Then we lit the candle.    It counts! ..... It Does!

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